Convection Currents

    Have you ever seen a pot of water boil or made oatmeal. Did you notice how it was still before you added heat then started bubbling and fizzing when added heat. You may think yes, but how you might ask, well convection currents cause this. Convection is one of ways heat is moved. When you look at the pot boiling it bubbles up, but if you were to cut it in half you would see that the water rises and falls in two circles that keep repeating over and over. Convection is happening every were when you turn on your heat to boiling water. Convection currents are a very important part of everyday life.

    Convection Currents come from the word Convection and Convection is one of the three types of heat transfer. Convection currents start when a liquid or a gas is heated. This causes the matter to become less dense and rise. As the Atoms move farther away from the heat they become more dense and spread out before sinking back down to the heat source and starting again. Convection currents are happening under us right now in the Athenosphere and outer core. Convection currents cause earthquakes, Volcanoes, and plate tectonics. Some people think that Convection currents are bad but really if they did not exist the crust or lithosphere would sink into the earth. Convection currents are important and help sustain life.

    Convection currents as I said before in the last paragraph are interesting and important but they can also be dangerous. I am hear, to talk about earthquakes. You have probably heard of earthquakes but do you really know were they happen how they happen and what they are. No of course not. So lets get started. First earthquakes are not always everywhere that’s because they only happen on faults or plate boundaries. Earthquakes send out special waves called seismic waves. We track the waves and measure size and power. The strangest thing is that convection currents start all of this. The liquid part of the earth (mantel) is convicting causing breaks in the earths crust. This causes the plates to move and smash into other causing earthquakes. Convection currents are important but can be dangerous.